Well what a summer we had! The weather was mixed, the going was sometimes tough but the fish were really up for it! The following reports make up the trips that we had in August 2014. There were some serious highs and some serious lows but as you will see the wild trout of the Highlands came out in force. Click on the headings to read all about it.

This was a summer full of sea trout. Superb!
This was a summer full of sea trout. Superb!

Plenty fine trout for our guests with fish up to 4 and a half pounds were the definite highlights of the period. It makes me feel so happy to have put so many smiles on people’s faces. I also made my film debut and finally got to see what it’s like when you’ve got a camera over your shoulder and a microphone strapped to your vest strap. It aint easy….

I must make some special mentions of thanks. A big thank you goes out to the Rhiconich Hotel who provided first class service for my guests and myself. I would also like to thank everyone in the office at Achfary for being so helpful whenever I had a request due to bad weather. Thanks a lot guys.

A final thank you, and the biggest of all, goes to George and his wife Priscilla for the unbelievable kindness and generosity they provided to my guests and I. No matter what the request was they always helped as much as possible to the point that I started feeling embarrassed whenever I was stood in front of their door knocking on the hope that I wasn’t disturbing them again. George even organised a barbeque for the Saturday night when my two best fishing buddies came up. Truly unbelievable! Thank you both.

So it’s all over for this year but 2015 will be here in a flash and I hope you are ready to join me!

Andrew Hogg.