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This emerger pattern comes from my good Welsh friend, Steffan Jones. Fished in a size 10-12 it makes a perfect imitation of LBDs at the emerging stage. Tied in smaller sizes it also works extremely well as a general olive emerger. It is a quick and easy tie that uses basic materials and can be fished with total confidence in both rivers and lakes.



Hook: 10-12 Klinkhammer

Thread: medium olive

Tail: 6-8 Coq de leon fibres

Body: synthetic quill

Thorax: Fox squirrel or hare’s ear dubbing

Wing case: 3-4 Cdc plumes

1)   Wrap the thread half way down the shank.

       Tie in 6-8 coq de leon fibres. Make a final wrap underneath them to kick them up.

2)   Tie in a synthetic quill.

3)   Wrap the quill up the shank and cover it lightly with UV resin.

4)   Tie in 3-4 cdc plumes  and dub a small pinch of fox squirrel onto the thread.

5)   Dub the thorax and then fold over the cdc plumes. Finish the fly in the shuttlecock style and varnish the head.