The Maradona

This fly came about at the tying bench in May 2019 after a mammoth session getting ready for August and the hill lochs. Everything looked good about it and it was chucked into the box along with the regular "banker" patterns as one to try out. Enter Diego Malik, who braved a week of "changeable" weather to successfully land trout after trout at a number of different locations. The last day proved to be the hardest of all with howling gale force winds and refreshing showers just to keep us on our toes! On a day where he could do nothing wrong I asked him if he had stuck with my suggested pattern for the day. He took the chewed fly out of the landing net and showed it to me. As it was a new pattern I quickly said "I name this fly The Maradona" in honour of its captor, one Diego Mailk". 

Fished either as a bob or a tail fly it is easily one that will come back North with me again.


Click on the photo for the link to the video!