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About us


Wildside Fishing offers bilingual (English & German), guided fly fishing trips in Scotland and Austria in the company of angling guide and Wildside Fishing owner, Andrew Hogg.


Guided trips to the Scottish Highlands take place in August when the fishing has reached a peak in terms of large wild brown trout and the lochs targeted will vary in regards to potential fish size, but all will have one thing in common. The fish will have probably never seen a hook in their life before. This is true fishing in the wild side. Trips are normally based over a daily or weekly basis with cottage accommodation or wild camping available.


Guided trips in Austria take place from April until mid October and are mainly focussed on river fishing. The best fishing is usually to be had from May until July with some wonderful dry fly fishing as well as fantastic nymphing to come and enjoy. All of the fishing is for 100% wild trout and in beautiful surroundings. What more could you want? Fishing trips are normally based on a weekends only policy with hotel accommodation available. 


There are no guarantees of monster fish, no promises of record catches but there is one thing that every Wildside customer will receive; a truly wild time with unforgettable memories of an angling trip in the wildest regions of Scotland and Austria.


So if you want high quality, wild, bilingually guided fishing then come with us and take a walk on the wildside!