The River Diaries

Filmed and made in Austria, these videos show off some of the finest wild fishing that I am lucky enough to enjoy over here. These are the first videos that I have attempted in this style and the ideas are constantly growing for the next ones. Click on the icons to watch them. I hope they inspire you to get out there and fish!!!

River Diary 1

An early season trip down the River Kamp in search of some Springtime gold!

River Diary 2

After torrential flooding for nearly two months, I finally get back out after big wild rainbow trout!

River Diary 3

A beautiful late afternoon/evening dry fly session at the River Kamp. The stuff that keeps me going throughout the winter.

River Diary 4

This trip up to the Erlauf was made even more interesting after a mayfly hatch started. Ridiculous fishing and unbelievable trout!

River Diary 5

The thought of going after big grayling and chub was one that had been nagging at me for a while. The trout fishing had been so good but it was hard to resist the urge. I'm happy that I gave in...

River Diary 6

Back from Scotland and trying to find somewhere with enough water to fish. The action is slow to beging with but boy, does it pick up!