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Usually an early early season hatch, the grannom caddis is essential in every dry fly box from April until June. They usually hatch at their hardest during May and overcast mild days can see big hatches and the trout responding well to so much food early in the season.

Fish it in size 12 in fast water and 14-16 in slow water.

Hook: 12-16

Thread: Tan/Light brown

Egg Sac: Chartreuse UV resin

Dubbing: Hare’s ear

Body Hackle: Grizzle cock

Wing: Roe deer hair

1)   Wrap the thread down the shank and a little bit round the bend.

2)   Form a small egg sac with chartreuse UV resin.

3)   Tie in a grizzle cock hackle.

4)   Dub the body with hare's ear, trying to avoid big bumps on your way towards the eye.

5)   Wrap the hackle up towards the eye of the hook in even turns. Trim the top of the hackle from the fly.

       This lets the wing sit nicely.

6)   Tie in a small bunch of deer hair with a pinch and loop. Make sure to wax your thread before tying it down!

       Dub on a small patch of hare’s ear dubbing after securing the deer hair.

7)   Form a small head with the dubbing.

8)  Pull back the long ends of deer hair and whip finish.

9)    Trim the long ends of the deer hair and the fly is finished.