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This is a fly that is found in almost every U.K. Stillwater angler’s fly box and one that has been responsible for countless trout in Austrian lakes for me. It is an extremely simple fly to tie and one that can be fished with complete confidence from mid spring until the end of the season. It is best fished slowly on a figure of 8 retrieve over or around weed beds. Always let the fly sink down before slowly working it back and expect fireworks!


Hook: 6-10 nymph hook

Thread: medium olive

Tail: Olive marabou fibres

Body: Light olive dubbing (awesome possum)

Rib: Small oval gold wire

Back: Thin skin

Thorax: Dark olive dubbing (awesome possum)

Legs: Olive hen hackle

Eyes: Bead chain

1)   Tie on the bead chain eyes and secure with figure of 8 wraps.

       Secure the eyes with some superglue.

2)   Tie in a small bunch of olive marabou fibres. Keep them about the same length as the hook shank.

3)   Cut a length of thin skin. Try to taper it (3mm – 5mm).

4)   Tie in the thin skin and the gold wire.

       Make a dubbing rope with the light olive dubbing.

5)   Dub the body in a tapering fashion then fold over the thin skin and rib it down with the wire. Stop

       just behind the eyes to allow space for the hackle.

6)   Tie in the olive hen hackle.

7)   Make about three turns and tie the hackle down.

       Spread the hackle fibres backwards and force them to sit on either side of the fly.

8)   Make a dubbing rope with the dark olive fur.

       Dub around the eyes to form a nice buggy looking head.

9)   Pull the thin skin over the eyes and tie it down.

10)   Trim away the remaining thin skin, whip finish and varnish. The fly is ready!