The Treble K - dead simple and deadly effective.
The Treble K - dead simple and deadly effective.

This fly has a long story attached to it...


A friend of mine was up in the highlands when he produced a fly he had invented called "the chocolate orange sedge" that had a wing made from a chocolate orange bar wrapper. This was met with a mix of disbelief and laughter. The trout quite liked it though!! I started joking about tying a new fly with a sweet wrapper involved and this was the result - the Treble K, or as it was initially called - The Kit Kat Killer. It was originally tied with a wrapper from a "limited edition" ice blue kit kat wrapper. I tied it up and used on the next fishable day. The fly literally took the loch apart in one hectic afternoon with 6 trout over 1lb and a sea trout of 4lbs , which is still my best ever sea trout to date.


The wrapper has since been replaced with holographic tinsel that I found at a Christmas market in Vienna. The eager eye of the fly tying angler is always open for something new! This has not taken away anything from it's catching ability but certainly made it far more durable from the teeth of highland trout.

A very simple fly to tie and an extremely versatile pattern that catches in both lochs and rivers. I'd never leave home without one in the box!



Hook: normal wet fly 8-14 (10 is used in this example)

Silk: medium black

Rib: oval silver

Body: holographic blue tinsel (Christmas time is great for finding this stuff really cheap!)

Hackle: red, then black cock hackles (hen hackles can be used to better effect in rivers)

Happy tying!

1) Tie on a layer of silk until opposite the point.

2) Tie in oval tinsel for nearly the whole body.

3) Tie in the holographic blue tinsel, again for the whole body to ensure it's shape remains uniform.

4) Wrap the blue tinsel round towards the eye of the hook and secure it with the silk.

5) Now wrap the oval silver tinsel over the blue tinsel to secure it even more and form a rib. Trim off at eye.

6) Tie in a red cock hackle and wrap it 2 - 3 times round the hook.

7) Now take a black cock hackle and wrap it also 2 - 3 times round the hook, pushing the hackle backward as you go forward with each turn.

8) whip finish and varnish. A super fast fly to tie and one that you can rely in.