The Sparkle Kate - a deadly wet fly for the whole season on the loch.
The Sparkle Kate - a deadly wet fly for the whole season on the loch.

A truly great all season fly and one that is rarely off my leader when fishing a loch for the first time. Based on the classic fly, the Kate Mclaren, it has more of a flash in the water. It is both easy to tie and deadly at taking wild loch trout.




Hook: normal wet fly 8 -12. (10 is used in this example.)

Silk: medium to fine black.

Tail: yellow crystal flash.

Rib: oval silver.

Body: black dubbing. (Diamond dub is used in this example.)

Body hackle: black cock.

Head hackle: ginger cock.

Wing: yellow crystal flash.


The basic ingredients.
The basic ingredients.

Tying the Sparkle Kate

1)  Whip an even coat of silk onto the hook and bind in the tail for nearly whole shank length


2)  Add in rib, again for whole body length.


3)  Apply black dubbing for body.

4)  Tie in black cock hackle and palmer it towards tail. Next step is VERY important!

5)  Trap the black hackle with the rib and wind rib towards the eye.


6)  Tie in rib and trim off end. Snip off the black hackle tip.


7)  Tie in ginger hackle and turn it in even layers towards the eye, pushing each layer back as you go forward.



8)  Trim off the excess hackle and add the yellow crystal flash as a sparse wing.


9)  Whip-finish the head and apply varnish.