Based on our national drink and just as satisfying as the real thing!
Based on our national drink and just as satisfying as the real thing!

If I had a pound for every time that I was told by someone that whisky was our national drink I'd be a millionaire. The real truth in the matter is somewhat different.....

If you go into any Scottish supermarket or food store drinks section then you may be surprised to see orange and blue coloured cans outnumbering the usual red ones that we become so custom to accepting as the norm. In Scotland we have something so much sweeter than cola to drink. Our most consumed drink is an amazing liquid known as Irn Bru: a totally unique experience for anyone who tries it for the first time. Being patriotic I could think of no better way to bid this beverage a salute then to tie a fly in it's honour! Displaying the same bold colours as the drink and it's can this fly was devastating in bright weather this year, particularly in the limestone lochs where hot orange is often a winner. Simple and quick to tie and one to have as a secret weapon stored inside your fly box when your normal bob fly just isn't doing the business.


Hook: normal wet size 10-14

Silk: black

Rib: oval gold

Dubbing: hot orange

Body hackle: orange cock

Head hackle: kingfisher blue or similar

Happy Tying!

1) Whip the gold oval rib to the hook. Cover 80% of the shank to keep the profile equal.

2) Add the hot orange dubbing and tie in the orange cock hackle.

3) Wrap the hackle towards the tail end of the shank and trap it with the oval tinsel. Be careful not to let the hackle become free. Wrap the tinsel towards the eye end of the shank, trapping the hackle as you go.

4) Tie off the tinsel and prepare a kingfisher blue cock hackle for the head.

5) Wrap the blue hackle in tight touching turns towards the eye of the hook.

6) The fly should now look like this. Trap the blue hackle fibres between your finger and thumb and hold them back as you wrap the silk over them towards the tail end to form the head of the fly.

7) The fly is now ready to be varnished. Quick and simple and a super bob fly for bright weather.