Black and blue: a totally versatile pattern that should be in every loch fly box.
Black and blue: a totally versatile pattern that should be in every loch fly box.

Every now and then we meet someone who has a fly for every occasion. The kind of guy who can always get a result when the rest of us curse our misfortune and go home after having drawn a blank.

These guys seem like ghosts. They cannot be real, can they? What can they be using that we don't have? What closely guarded secret have they got in their boxes that mere mortals such as us have no access to?


Well, if I only had one fly to choose from for all conditions then it would need to have something for every occasion: something for bright weather, something for dark, the ability to be fished deep or just under the surface and if it could be fished for more than just one species then even better.


Oh, yeah, I forgot. I have the Black and Blue in my box......

Super easy to tie and super deadly for trout, sea trout and salmon.


Ingredients (for trout).

Hook: wet 10 - 16

Silk: black

Body: flat silver tinsel (varnished for strength)

Hackle: blue, then black.

1) Wrap a silver tinsel body on to the shank of the hook.

2) Add a coat of varnish to the tinsel. This makes it more durable to trout's teeth.

3) Tie in a blue hackle and wrap 2-3 times before tying it off.

4) Tie in a soft black hen hackle that is slightly larger than the blue and turn it 3-4 times.

5) Force the black hackle backwards and tie it off. Whip finish and varnish.  Another deadly fly and one that is simplicity itself to tie.

6) It's also worth tying in larger sizes, such as this 6, for sea trout and salmon. It makes a great point fly for short line drifting.

7) Finally, you can also tie it on "wee doubles" as a deadly low water fly.


A truly versatile fly that can be used in a variety of conditions for a variety of fish.


I hope it works for you!