Big George

This fly was tied in honour of a good friend of mine, George Leligdowicz, who works as a ghillie on the River Laxford system – a more generous and patient man you could not meet. The fly has everything that a salmon/sea trout bob fly should have and follows the basic bumble profile. Worked in a good wave, this fly is deadly and when scaled down from an 8 to a 10/12 hook it becomes a top class trout bob fly too.

Hard working, durable, reliable and one that always produces the goods (just like the man himself!) Big George should have space in every Highland fly box – a real winner for big waves and big fish.




Hook: normal wet fly 8 for salmon /sea trout. 10/12 for brown trout (8 is used in this example.)

Silk: medium to fine black.

Tail: Golden pheasant tippet.

Rib: oval silver.

Body: black dubbing. (Diamond dub is used in this example.)

Body hackle: red cock. (barred red is used in this example)

Head hackle: blue hen and black cock.

Happy tying!


Tying Big George

1)  Whip an even coat of silk onto the hook and bind in the tail and silver rib for nearly whole shank length.


2)  Apply black dubbing for body.


3)  Tie in red cock hackle and palmer it towards tail. Next step is VERY important!


4)  Trap the red hackle with the rib and wind rib towards the eye.


5)  Tie in rib and trim off end. Snip off the red hackle tip.


6)  Tie in blue hen hackle and turn it in even layers (max 3 times) towards the eye, pushing each layer back as you go forward. Don’t worry about it looking messy!!


7)  Trim off the excess hackle and add the black cock hackle.


8)  Turn the black hackle towards the eye, pushing it back as you go forward.


9) Whip-finish the head and apply varnish.


10) The finished fly.