Seperated from the Scottish mainland by the Pentland Firth, the Orkney Isles lie between where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea. Steeped in history and culture Orkney also contains some of the finest wild brown trout fishing that Scotland has to offer.

The fishing on Orkney is broken up into mainland lochs and Island lochs. The most prolific fisheries are to be found on the mainland and Loch Harray, Hundland, Boardhouse, Swannay and Stenness make up the largest fisheries the mainland has to offer. Numerous smaller lochs are also available to the angler wishing to try something a bit different and some of these hold true trophy trout possibilities. The Island lochs are more prone to seasonal change and require careful planning to access the best they have to offer.

With much more to offer the visiting angler than simply world class trout fishing, Orkney is a destination for anyone who holds discovery and adventure close to their heart. With countless historic sites (some of them dating back to over 5,000 years ago) open to the public it can be seen as a real chance to step back in time for a brief moment. Orkney really is a magical place that will leave you with magical memories.

Wildside Fishing offers guided day trips to all the mainland lochs. Special consideration will be given to the Island lochs. For an idea of what the trout fishing on Orkney's mainland lochs is like please go our Films page.